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SCI 170: Ecology of Humans (Final Project)

Welcome SCI 170 Students

  Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident

The MCU Library has created a guide to the best resources for your final project in SCI 170. The MCU Library offers instructional workshops designed to help students succeed in their time as an Undergraduate or Graduate Mariner. Our workshops teach relevant skills and encourage critical thinking about the research process. Start working on your own and contact us if you need further help.

Research Topics: 

  • Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident
  • Lost in the Haze: China's Air Pollution 
  • Porter Ranch Gas Leak
  • Flint Water Crisis
  • The Nu River (China) the Last without a Dam
  • Bangladesh Malnutrition Crisis
  • The California State Water Project and Drought
  • The Los Angeles River Restoration
  • Deep water Horizon Explosion
  • India Water Crisis
  • Solar Panels: Production and Utilization
  • European Union Work on Waste Management (not nuclear)
  • Endangered Animal
  • Endangered Plant Species 
  • Black Sea Degradation
  • The Ogallala Aquifer Disappearance
  • Panda Preservation Program (China)
  • Oklahoma Increasing Number of Earthquakes due to Fracking
  • Warm Waters of California Coast
  • United Nations Climate Change Conference 2015 
  • The Environmental Protection Agency Role and Tasks
  • Honduras Death Toll of Environmental Activists
  • Gold Mining in Peru

 As a scholar, you'll need to use new skills, test new strategies, investigate various angles, and engage thoughtfully in analysis of what you discover. Our goal in to assist you through your research process and highlight valuable resources for you to explore and include in your final project. ​   

SCI 170 Assignment Prompt and Rubric 

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