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ENG 112: Dr. S. Garman Spring '20

The Literature

Sample Thesis Questions

  1. Why is it important to form a relationship with your siblings, and how can family traditions be affected?
  2. The Reflection of Frankenstein’s Multiform Personality in Frankenstein
  3. The media is supposed to be held to a standard code of ethics, but in today’s society that code is often looked over. The media must be held to a higher standard in order to accurately report news, accurately advertise a product, and to put an end to false representation of beauty.
  4. Humanity as property in Frankenstein and The Piano Lesson. 

Welcome ENG 112 Students

The MCU Library is working with you in one instructional workshops to help you develop from searchers into researchers, because the kind of research in which you'll engage in at the University level is a much different variety than what you've done in the past. 

Assignment Prompt:

Limited Research Paper Connections: Putting Writing Suggestions into Practice

This semester, we used From Inquiry to Academic Writing to explore multiple dimensions of the thinking and writing process. In addition, we have read Frankenstein, “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” and we just finished The Piano Lesson which explores family history, sibling relationships, and ghosts. Your next writing task is to synthesize the reading you have completed for class into an academic grand finale. Using outside sources to help you reach beyond your own ideas, please find a theme present in any of the

readings that relates to your major and provide a critical analysis of the work in order draw meaningful conclusions about the central idea you choose to develop. Begin by considering the varied themes we have explored over the semester and choose one or two you would like become an expert on. Consider what you already know about your subject of choice and what you hope to learn/discover. Think big! You can go off on a tangent and still fulfill the requirements for this paper (including modifying a research paper you are writing for another class as long as you get the other instructor’s approval). This will allow you to develop a topic that is interesting to you. Start with a provocative question that you wish find answers to.

For Example:

How is Berniece or Boy Willie’s journey similar to another character’s journey in a novel or movie that you love?

What societal values are represented by moving to the suburbs?

How is parenting addressed in the novel or play? How does this compare to your own upbringing?

How does a writer change his/her work when turning it into a film?

Essay parameters:

  • Essay text is 4-6pp. typed, double spaced, in MLA format
  • Refer to four academic sources within the body of the paper with a minimum of one article from an academic journal.
  • Demonstrate a clear thesis and consistent employment of topic sentences that both guide the reader and refer back to the thesis.
  • Use direct quotes or scenes from the novel, movie or play citing specific page/line numbers to support your thesis.
  • Place essay in dropbox with a properly formatted Works Cited Page
  • Complete APA conversion (2 pages of body plus Title and Reference page)
  • There is no opportunity for revision of the Limited Research Paper


4/1: Pre-writing due (apply your ideas for the paper to your reading of Chapter 11 in AW)

4/13: Post a copy of your draft on the discussion page for peer feedback

4/15: Your final copy is due by midnight

4/20:  Upload your PowerPoint to discussion page

4/22: APA Conversion Directions

4/29: APA Conversions Due

And here is the information about finding journals I have shared so far:

As I mentioned in class, an academic journal is a topic-centered "magazine" written by experts. There are journals in every discipline from Literature to Criminal Justice to Business. Before publication each contained article is reviewed by a group of expert peers in the particular field. These articles are considered the pinnacle of academic thinking and have the most credibility in the world of research.  You annotated the journal article "Call and Response" which is due by 11:59 pm on 04.09.20.

To find a journal article, you need to access the databases in the Library because they have paid subscriptions. Click on "Research Tools" and then "Research Databases."  Once you go to the database site, go to the English/Literature tab on the left. Then, put your search terms into one of the databases listed in "Go More In-depth." In most of the databases, there is a box to check that limits your search to academic journals only that makes your research process much easier.


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