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ID 233: Food in America - Honors

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Food in America

From the ID 233 Honors syllabus:

Students will choose a project from a variety of food related topics (e.g. agricultural movements, food justice, food ethics, or

nutrition and the American diet) conduct research drawn from several disciplinary methodologies and develop a presentation.

To complete this multidisciplinary research project, you will prepare an annotated bibliography on your chosen food topic and then create a presentation to be given the last week of class.

Here are the specifics:

  • Create an annotated bibliography with a minimum of eight credible and varied sources in MLA format
  • Here is a link that explains how to write an annotated bibliography:
  • Two of these sources must be food-related journal articles that you write comments on (annotate) and submit in the drop box


  • Come to class on Monday, November 15, ready to discuss your thesis and presentation ideas with a partner
  • Turn in your annotated bibliography, your two annotated journal articles, and your presentation in the drop box by midnight on Thursday, November 18
  • Come to class on Monday, November 29, ready to give your presentation (it should be no longer than seven minutes)

Remember to narrow your argument/thesis to a manageable topic just as you would in a written essay.

A grading rubric will be posted so you know how the 250 points will be distributed. The primary grading focus is on the quality of your sources, your reflection of multidisciplinary research, and the depth of your critical thinking represented in your presentation. 

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