Marymount California University Library

MCU 100: Freshman Seminar - Library Assignment

Assignment Checklist

Your final bibliography will include:

  • 1 sources (1 print book or 1 e-Book)
  • a statement of scope   
  • a citation and annotation for your source
  • If you selected the print book:
    • include a picture or scanned image of the book
    • include an image of the catalog record found in the MCU Library Catalog 
  • If you selected the e-book:
    • include an image of the catalog record found in the MCU Library Catalog
    • include an image of page 1 of the e-book 

Note: Confirm with your instructor if this assignment will be turned in physically or via MyMarymount (drop-box). 

The Marymount California University Library

Welcome MCU 100 Students!

This library assignment introduces you to some of the resources and services offered by the Marymount Library. Learning to use the library -- to go beyond Google, your course textbook, and the professor's lecture -- supports learning and inquiry and helps you transition from high school "search" to college-level "research". 

Now that you have completed the Library Services Module, you have the necessary comfort level and familiarity with the library to approach this library assignment. Budget for 1-2 hours of work. You will use both the online and the physical library at Marymount California University.

Getting Started with the Library Assignment

For this assignment, you will search the MCU Library catalog for the following source:

  • One physical book or one e-book using the MCU library catalog

An annotated bibliography is a combination of the words annotation and bibliography. An annotation is a short summative and/or evaluative paragraph. One of the purposes of writing an annotation is to inform the reader of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the sources cited, and to state how this source will be used in or relevant to the paper or project.

A descriptive annotation describes the source itself without summarizing the actual argument, hypothesis, or message in the content. It describes what the source addresses or covers, what subjects or topics are included, and any special features, such as appendices or bibliographies. What it does not include is any criticism of the content.

This type of annotation seeks to answer the question: "Does this source cover or address the topic I am researching?"

A bibliography is a list of references that helps a reader identify sources of information. An annotated bibliography is a list of references that not only identifies the sources of information but also includes a short evaluation summary of each source.  

Your annotated bibliography will be made up of one source, a book, relevant to your career path and will include a summary of the source. Your final annotated bibliography should include annotations for your sources (book) that represent multiple perspectives on your career. ​

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