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ENG 112: M. Nedelson Spring '20

Welcome ENG 112 Students

The MCU Library is working with you in one instructional workshops to help you develop from searchers into researchers, because the kind of research in which you'll engage in at the University level is a much different variety than what you've done in the past. 

Type of research Questions for this Course:

1. How much does using metal and glass products help the environment

2. How does sexual education in schools relate to the family dynamics across the world?

3. Should capital punishment be implemented into more countries in order to reduce crime rates? 

4. Should male and female tennis players be payed the same amount of prize money? 

5. Should the death penalty still be used today as a method of sentencing in the United States?

6. How does being a female affect discrimination in the workplace?

7. Should High Schools be required to teach 'Life Skills'?

8. What is life like in North Korea?

9. Would the implementation of a "Real Life Training" program influence high school seniors in a positive way that would allow them to feel more prepared for college, a career, and life planning afterwards?

10. How are concussions affecting athletes, long-term and short-term?

11. How does the mental health of a college student effect the outcome of there academic performance towards there degree?

12. Is the drop in teenage suicide attempts linked to the legalization of same-sex marriage

13. How fashion/clothing has connected with bullying in society and different countries

14. Due to the Corona Virus, has the recent quarantine helped stop the spread of the virus and reduced it or has done nothing in the process?

 As a scholar, you'll need to use new skills, test new strategies, investigate various angles, and engage thoughtfully in analysis of what you discover. Our goal in to assist you through your research process and highlight valuable resources for you to explore and include in your final ENG 112 Research Paper.  ​                                                                                                                            

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ENG 112 Contrast and Cause and Effect Research Paper

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