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PSY 205: Dr. V. Wade Spring '20

Child and Adolescent Development

Welcome PSY 205 Students

The MCU Library is working with you in one instructional workshops to help you develop from searchers into researchers, because the kind of research in which you'll engage in at the University level is a much different variety than what you've done in the past. 

Assignment Prompt:

PSY 205: Child and Adolescent Development

Semester Research Paper

Spring 2020

Topic in Child Development

• Select a topic of interest in the field of child psychology/development. It may be about any topic related to the field, including research methods.

• I suggest looking through the text for ideas that spark your interest.

• Type up the topic and a statement of why this interests you.

Reference list

• 5 scholarly references, in field of child psychology/development, psychology, sociology, etc.

• APA format (I’ll review this in class)

• No sources should be older than 7 years. If seems landmark research regarding the topic, verify with Jose Rincon, Library Director, or myself.

• No social media or .com.

• May be .edu; .gov; .org

• No encyclopedias, book, or text books (unless beyond the first 5 references)

Final Presentation of Project (I’ll review specifically in class):

Part I: 3-5-page Background Review of Topic, including:

• Topic Title (clearly defining the topic, i.e.: “The Value of Play in the Lives of Children”)

• Introduction, including purpose

• Definition of new terms (e.g., psychology/developmental/educational terminology)

• Historical and Theoretical background

• Discussion of the impact or relationship of the topic or program on the development/psychology of the child (prenatal through adolescent)

• Your personal views, opinions regarding the topic (provide examples to give support, clarify, or validate your opinion.)

Part II: Career Related Research

Research into career tracks within the field:

• Related Career Areas

• Education required

• Interests that others in the field have (there are sources for this…I’ll provide)

• What key issues/challenges might you expect to deal with?

• Career projection outlook: Salaries, growth projection

Appointment with Career Services may be used as a reference beyond the initial 5 if you provide a discussion regarding internships and career fields related to, or that requires knowledge of, child psychology/child development. 


PSY 205 Assignment And Rubric

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