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PSY 410: Dr. V. Wade Spring '20

PSY 410

Welcome PSY 410 Students

The MCU Library is working with you in one instructional workshops to help you develop from searchers into researchers, because the kind of research in which you'll engage in at the University level is a much different variety than what you've done in the past. 

Assignment Prompt:

PSY 410: Psychology of Motivation

Analysis of Person or Team in Terms of Their Motivation to Accomplish a Major Goal

Provide a biography of an individual, living or dead, that you feel represents an example of someone with the motivation to accomplish a major goal. This may apply to a team, rather than a specific individual.  If a team, be sure to explain their roles.  Was a specific person the leader?

This is a very “open ended” assignment.  I will be looking for how you provide a review of a person or team that accomplished unique goals and how the theories of motivation drove them.

  • What was their primary goal to be accomplished?
  • What basic core human motive do you think drove his/her/their motivation? 
  • In what way did the need for autonomy, or belonging, or competence drive their actions?
  • Was their behavior based on extrinsic or intrinsic motivation?

The Introduction needs to explain and summarize their life and situation upon which you base your analysis.

The Conclusion should address whether they met the goal or was the journey its own form of success?

Length: 5 pages

Appropriate use of APA formatting and referencing.

Appropriate, upper division level grammar and writing style.  

Class sharing of your paper will be announced.

Points:  100 points


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