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SOC 175: Modern Social Problems (Fracking)

Welcome SOC 175 Students


The MCU Library has created a guide to the best resources for your study guide for SOC 175. The MCU Library offers instructional workshops designed to help students succeed in their time as an Undergraduate or Graduate Mariner. Our workshops teach relevant skills and encourage critical thinking about the research process. Start working on your own and contact your librarians if you need further help.

Research Topics: 

  • What is fracking? How does it relate to environmental racism? Discuss the impact of fracking on urban communities. Compare a real-life fracking example in the United States to one in another country. Incorporate concepts from the textbook in your analysis.

 As defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, fracking is the injection of fluid into shale beds at high pressure in order to free up petroleum resources (such as oil or natural gas). 

As a scholar, you'll need to use new skills, test new strategies, investigate various angles, and engage thoughtfully in the analysis of what you discover. Our goal is to assist you with your research process and highlight valuable resources for you to explore and include in your Exam #1 Study Guide: Essay Section Prep.    

SOC 175: Exam #1 Study Guide: Essay Section Prep (exam on October 4th)

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