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APA Citation Guide (7th edition)

A brief guide for Parenthetical Citation (in-text citation)


  1. Anonymous or unknown author: (Short Title, year, pp.); (“Short Article,” year) 

Note: The short title or short article cuts down the length of the full title when it's referenced in a paper. This is used because the titles of some research articles are often very long.

Parenthetical Citation: 

It is a fact that MS-13 is an extremely violent and dangerous gang (“U.S to go,” 2012). 



Associated Press Report. (2012). “U.S. to go after MS-13 street gang's financial assets; Organization 

 active in many states.” The Washington Times, p. A6. Web. 


  1. One author: (Author’s Last Name, year, pp.); (Year, pp.) 


Parenthetical Citation: 

The author found that it is possible for patients to re-regulate brain wave activity  (Cleary, 2011, p. 21). 


           Cleary (2011, p. 21) found that patients can re-regulate brain wave activity.



Cleary, M. J. (2011). “Developments in Neurofeedback: Should Health Educators Be Paying 


Attention?” The Health Educator, 43(2), 21-26. Web. 


  1. Two authors: (Author 1 & Author 2, year, pp.)  

Parenthetical Citation:

Many studies document the human capital cost of poor health in adulthood (Perreira & Ornelas, 2011, p 196).


Perreira & Ornelas (2011) found that numerous studies document capital cost of poor health in adulthood. 



Perreira, K. M., & Ornelas, I. J. (2011). “The Physical and Psychological Well-Being of Immigrant 

Children.” Future of Children, 21(1), 195-218. Web. 

  1. Three-five authors:  

Note: In parenthetical citation, rather than repeating the massive string of authors again, your first cite will be (Author1, Author2, & Author3, year, pp.). The second time you cite the same resource it will look like this (Author1 et al., year, pp.).

Parenthetical Citation:  

The study found breast cancer survivors used internet to get information about cancer and treatment options (Muhamad,                      Afshari, & Mohamed, 2011, p. 244).


 Note: And the next time you cite something from the same article, in the same paper use this parenthetical citation…


Muhamad et al. (2011, p. 244) concluded that patients should use a credentialed web site that is comprehensive and regularly updated by objective and unbiased experts.  



Muhamad, M., Afshari, M., & Mohamed, N. (2011). “Internet Use and Breast Cancer Survivors.” 


Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology - TOJET, 10(4), 241-247. 

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