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ID 233: Food in America - Honors

Here are some examples:

  1. A look at Cesar Chavez and the struggle of farm workers in the U.S?
  2. Is there a disparate impact of diabetes on racial/ethnic minority populations?
  3. Why does hunger hit African American communities harder?
  4. A study of the fast-food industry’s socio-economic benefits.
  5. Health issues about the use of caffeine and coffee.
  6. How do females’ eating habits impact their overall nutrition?
  7. How to increase the interest of governments in food justice?
  8. How to get more land and livestock to foster justice for food?
  9. How to increase the interest of governments in food justice?
  10. Best way to sensitize society to grow organic food?
  11. An in-depth description of nutritional deficiency and the essential illnesses that malnutrition can cause.
  12. Why are amino acids necessary for muscle development?
  13. A correlation between organic food and health
  14. A correlation between the climate and diet
  15. Stress eating a growing problem among college students.
  16. How healthy foods can help deal with mental health issues?
  17. How a mother’s dietary choices impact the quality of breastmilk
  18. How healthy eating impacts a college athlete’s performance.
  19. Can healthy foods improve cognition and brain power?
  20. Dietary differences between low-income and high-income households
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