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Would you like a book or article that you found through Google Scholar (and the Library doesn't have)? No problem! Let us know and we'll try to get a copy from another library for you.

Follow this process, or email with detailed information about the article or book.

All About Google Scholar

Google Scholar is another research tool you could use in addition to the library's academic databases (aka. search engines). It is much like Academic Search Premier or ProQuest Research Library -- which you're familiar with from ENG112 -- in that it is a broad, multi-disciplinary tool. 

Scholar can be a good starting place for discovery of the literature on your topic, but it isn't comprehensive enough to be the only place to do in-depth research for your Capstone. For more depth and breadth, you'll need to use Arts & Media eResources and available books from the Library. 

Many students are frustrated that Google Scholar usually provides abstracts only, not the full article. We've even known some students who've paid for an article through Google Scholar!

Never pay -- instead, look for the publication in the Library. Learn how to hook up Google Scholar with MCU Library by watching the video below. 

How to Link Google Scholar to the Library

To watch this video in full-screen, click on the bottom right-hand corner.

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