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Hojo Tokimasa Praying to a Goddess in the Sea

Artist:          Tsukioka yoshitoshi

Medium:       Color Woodblock Print

Place Made:  Japan


Public Domain Digital Image / Museum Associotes/LACMA

Copyright and Use of Images

Images or illustrations can enhance your papers and presentations, however it is important to remember that, like other intellectual property, images are protected under copyright and can only be used in the manner for which they are allowed by the owner.

Like written sources, images also need to be properly cited. Always give credit to where you found the image. Here are examples of the information needed.

An image from ARTstor

Title of the Work
Artist's Name (First and Last)
Date of the Work (if given)
Image Source
Date of Citation
Electronic Database

Three Geese. Simon de Vlieger, c. 1600-1653.
The Illustrated Bartsch. Vol. 1, Netherlandish Artists.
[cited 08 October 2012].
In ARTstor [database online].

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