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AM 201: Western Civilization Art Since the Renaissance

Print and Electronic Dictionaries

Getting Started - Background Information

Background information sources, also called reference works, provide brief overviews of topics and are a good place to begin if you don't already know much about a topic.

Writers look to reference works for general information and factual evidence. Assembled here are both library and Web reference resources.

Use them for AM 201 assignments, especially for Weekly Featured Artists. They'll provide you with general information about artists, key artworks by them, and art movements.

  • For example, using Oxford Art Online, below, a search on the artist "Man Ray" will give you biographical information about the artist, including that he was a prominent figure in the Dada and Surrealism art movements. You can also learn more about the artist by studying these early 20th century movements.

Library Online Reference Tools

Timeline of Art History

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History provides high-resolution images of artworks, and thematic essays on artists and their work. It covers ancient art to art of the present.

Examples of thematic essays:

Leonardo da Vinci

Women Artists in 19th Century France

Art movements

Handy guides for general information on art movements





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