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AM 201: Western Civilization Art Since the Renaissance

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Image Guides for General Use and ARTstor


  • How to use ARTstor, a digital library, for which the library pays, is explained in the video tutorials below.  To download and use its images, you'll need to register and open an account. 

How to set up an account in ARTstor

How to Export to PowerPoint

PowerPoint Tutorials

         This tutorial is for use with PowerPoint 2010; see Method One

         for PCs or scroll down for Method Two for Macs. 

      PowerPoint Presentation Tips:

  • A PowerPoint presentation is a visual aid - summarize, don't narrate
  • The audience shouldn't spend a lot of time reading the screen
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Audience should be able to read and comprehend a slide in 10 seconds
  • Readability is key - use San Serif fonts, they're screen friendly
  • Decorative fonts are hard to read, also avoid intense colors
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