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AM 201: Western Civilization Art Since the Renaissance

Reference Resources

To get a broad overview of a particular subject area, encyclopedias, dictionary and other reference resources are available, both in the Library and online.  Below are a sampling of just a few print resources: 

Library Resources

The Library recommends doing a preliminary search in the Library catalog before you commit to a particular topic.  Begin with a broad area of study and then narrow down your topic after discovering what research is available.  After conducting a preliminary search you will learn more about the potential topics and available literature enabling you to make an informed and intelligent decision when selecting your topic.  Identifying at least one article that you find relevant to your chosen area of research is extremely helpful before committing to a particular topic.

In addition to the Library Catalog the Library has an extensive collection of multidisciplinary and subject specific databases that can be found on our Research Databases page.  If you are attempting to locate databases that cover a particular subject area please select the appropriate area of study from the menu on the left hand side of the Research Databases page.

Electronic Reference Works

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