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SCI 315 - Organic Chemistry

Linking Google Scholar to Marymount Library

When searching Google Scholar for academic journal articles,  most results only provide you information about the article, but not the full-text.  However, you can configure Google Scholar to link to Marymount Library and show you if the articles in the results set are available via Marymount.  Watch the video tutorial to learn how.

Find Articles

To find journal articles that include information about the synthesis of the compound you are researching, you may need to try more than one search engine.  Also remember that many compounds have a variety of alternate names.

Does Marymount Library Have It?

When you find an article citation that includes the synthesis of your compounds, you'll want to know if you have access to that article at Marymount Library.    Below is a link to the search engine for determining what journals Marymount Library has access to online. Below that is a short  video tutorial on how to use the search engine..

E-Journals Search Engine

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