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AM 304: History of Multi-Media

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e-Reference Work

Getting Started - Background Information

Encyclopedias, dictionaries and other reference works are a good place to begin if you do not already know much about a topic or need a short overview.

Writers look to reference works for general information and factual evidence. 

Search Tips:

  • Search for biographical information on directors/artists by last name/first name (or the reverse):

For example, using Britannica Online, on the left, and entering "Alfred Hitchcock" in the search box, this is one item from the results.

  • Find general information on course topics by using one or two key words. For example, use any of these words in a search:



         early printing

         radio; early radio

         video gaming

For instance, using Credo Reference (on the left) and entering "early radio", these are the search results.

Media History Guides and Timelines

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