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AM 304: History of Multi-Media

Film Criticism - Film Review Websites

New York Times Movie Reviews (1929- present) - browse or search 28,000 NYT movie reviews. Included in the free review archive are all films reviewed since 1960.

The Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made - reviews from New York Times film critics.

senses of cinema - an online journal from Australia. Use the search box to find articles. Also, see the "Great Directors" tab for biographies on directors, such as Hitchcock and Chaplin. - film critic for the Chicago Reader. Search the year you're interested in on the right and enter titles in the search box. ( not working)

Cineaste Magazine - a couple articles from the current issue are available free, but articles and reviews from past issues cost 2.99 per item. See the Web Archive tab on home page for a variety of free previously published articles.

Other Resources


  • Media Influence - linked articles by Marshall McLuhan, Harold Innis, and Neil Postman (not working)
  •  Chapter Section - Public Parts: How Sharing in the Digital Age Improves the Way We Work and Live

Journal Articles

News and Magazine Articles

Search these news databases for film reviews.

Strategies for Searching for Articles/Reviews

  • Link your search words with the word AND. For example, a good way to find articles about the relationship between video games and the characteristics of the people who play them would be to search: 'video games' AND 'personality'. Or to find articles or reviews of a movie, combine the title of a movie and the director's name: Spellbound AND alfred hitchcock.
  • Use QUOTES when you want to search 2 or more words together as a phrase (for personal names the quotes aren't necessary): Examples: "Triumph of the Will,"  "A Trip to the Moon"
  • Remember to click the boxes that say "full text" and "peer-reviewed" or "academic journal." This will make sure you get the kind of research that you probably need for your assignment.
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