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AM 304: History of Multi-Media

How to Download/Insert Image Files

Copyright and How to Cite Images

Images or illustrations can enhance your papers and presentations. However remember that images are protected under copyright and can only be used in the manner for which they are allowed by the owner. Images need to be properly cited.

Consult this comprehensive site for citing images in the Chicago style.

Image Portals and Databases


Image use varies for these sites (free or restricted), see details

  • Life Magazine - photos from the archive of this popular magazine. Images protected by copyright laws.
  • George Eastman House - contemporary & historic photographs, including classic examples from the history of photography. Images from website available for educational use.

Mixed Media & Art

  • Advertising and Propaganda - from the Library of Congress, includes posters, broadsides and other advertising media. Images available for educational use.
  • Calisphere - includes photographs, documents, political cartoons, works of art, diaries, advertising, and other unique cultural artifacts selected from libraries and museums across California. Images available for educational use.   
  • World Images - art of many kinds and from many countries - start a search   Image use is granted for non-profit educational purposes, with the request that credit be given to the image owner.


  • TinEye - Image Identification. A reverse image search engine. Submit an image or link to an image to TinEye to find out where it came from or how it's being used or to find higher resolutions versions of the image.

          See copyright information and how to cite images on the left

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