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How to Search fo Print Books

Searching for Electronic Books

Browsing for Books in the Library

Sometimes browsing for books in the Library can lead to serendipitous discoveries.  Most books in the field of business administration can be found in the following call number ranges:

HB: Economic theory
HC: Economic history
HD: Industries, Land Use, Labor
HE: Transportation, Communications
HF: Commerce
HG: Finance
HJ: Public finance

Getting Started

We have 25,000 print titles in our library, and more than 80,000 eBooks. Whether you choose print or online, it's really your reading choice. But note that (1) there are different titles in each collection so there is value in using both and (2) there are limits to downloading and printing ebook content.

Find Books

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Using Subject Headings in Your Search

When searching for books, you are likely to start with a keyword search.  As you become more familiar with topic and find books that look promising, pay attention to the Subject Headings for those books.  Using the links for those Subject Headings can lead you to additional useful titles for your research. For example:

1. I start with a keyword search string on "starting a small business"


2. My search results shows me a title that looks interesting

3. I click on the title of the book and then expand the description tab to see subject headings for the book that I didn't think of which will lead to more good books on my topic



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