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Interlibrary Loan - Books

Need a book that our library doesn't own? You can easily request to borrow books from another library through our interlibrary loan service, free of charge! Visit our interlibrary loan guide for step-by-step instructions on how to use this cost-saving service on our catalog. Make the world your library!

Getting Started

We have 25,000 print titles in our library, and more than 70,000 eBooks. Whether you choose print or online, it's really your reading choice. But note that (1) there are different titles in each collection so there is value in using both and (2) there are limits to downloading and printing eBook content.

eBooks are available through our eBrary search engine but you can also search our main catalog to find both print books and eBooks.

To search for all books, use the search box below or go to the Marymount Library homepage and type in your keyword. Make sure to select the "Books" tab to search for both print books and eBooks.

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This is a  resource paid for the Library, so you will need to login off-campus with your Marymount username and password.



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