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The Nature Principle: Human Restoration and the End of Nature-Deficit Disorder

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The following guides are provided to support understanding of the book's themes and build classroom  and community engagement.

Read the Book & Discuss!

Discussion Questions

Here are some good topics related to the book for you to explore and use to help get your discussions started with other readers.

What are some of the consequences of nature-deficit disorder on human populations?

If someone is destructive towards nature, whether a corporate president or an individual citizen, should that person lose their right to visit government-operated natural areas?

What are the benefits of developing communities without urban sprawl?


Can Capitalism be sustainable? Justify your answer in the context of Louv's book.

What are some of the ways that nature can serve as a pathway to developing strong family bonds?

How can you institute some of the themes and ideas from the book in your community?

Do you agree with the author's thesis, why or why not? When it comes to health and wellness, do you think the nature prescription works? 

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