Marymount California University Library

ID 530 Leadership Seminar


Leadership in 2030 (Pace, 2011)

Credibility & Trust

1. Understanding the Triad of Great Leadership: Context, Conviction and Credibility (Leavy, 2003)

2.  Trust, the DNA of Leadership (Sones, 2013)

Decision Making & Judgement

1.  Moral Intuition:  Connecting Current Knowledge to Future Organizational Research & Practice ( Weaver, et al, 2014)

2.  In Search of Phronesis:  Leadership and the Art of Judgement (Shotter & Tsoukas, 2014)

Servant Leadership

The Servant Identity: Influences on the Cognition and Behavior of Servant Leaders (Sun, 2013)

Leadership Philosophy

1.  Refining your Leadership Style & Philosophy (Drinion)

2.  Developing a Leadership Philosophy Exercise (Leadership Paradigms Inc., 2006)

Wellbeing & Resilience (Work Life Balance)

1.  Interpersonal Contact at Work:  Consequences for Well-being (McGrath, 2013)

2.  Work-Life Balancing:  Challenges & Strategies (Chittenden & Ritchie, 2011)

Strengths Finder

Understanding your Leadership Balance (Ellis, 2013)

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