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Students came to the library last year and asked more than 1300 questions relating to their papers and other research needs. Do you think the only questions you can ask of a librarian are "How do I find books?" or "Where is this particular book?". Not so!


Get answers to your research questions from librarians at the Reference Desk in the Library. Help is also available online during library hours -look for the green "Available" button near the top of any library web page. 


Ask us about anything: citation formatting, locating a book, recommended resources and database searching. 


For in-depth assistance, you can also schedule a research consultation with a librarian to discuss your specific research needs. 


Below you will find a list of real questions asked by students. Scan the list of questions to get a sense of the ways we can help you.


Can you help me find empirical studies done on bottled water? 


I need help refining my search topic and with finding resources on the Christian views of the afterlife.


What do I do when sources that I am using for a research paper state different information?


Can you help me with reading an empirical research article and identifying relevant information from it?


I'm looking for additional strategies for finding information on the treatment of Muslims in prison.


Is a dissertation considered a book or an article?


How do I merge the idea of "paradox of affluence" with a selected research study?


Where could I find information on the % of NaCL (sodium chloride) found in red blood cells?


I'm looking for information on comparative religious attitudes towards the concept of heaven and hell.


How do I paraphrase information found on a website that references another person's research? And how do I cite it?


I need some research assistance on my sociology paper about social class. Can you help me focus my topic and figure out where to start researching?


I'm having trouble finding visuals (graphs, images) on my topic about glacier density decrease over time, particularly in Antarctica.


Where could I find statistics comparing rates of gun violence internationally, across countries?


Can you help me find peer-reviewed articles focused on shampoo's impact on the environment?


       I need some materials on designer babies and genetic engineering. I've looked on Amazon, but where do I start in the library?

Can you help me with organizing my research topic on human free will versus destiny as discussed in the Bible?


I am looking for books about Islam and can't tell which are good for research.




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