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How to Find Credible Information

URL Filtering for Finding Motive

Finding credible information on the web can be challenging.  One way to look for better sources online is to look at the URL’s of websites to quickly decipher where the information may be coming from.  While this is not the only thing you should be looking at (don’t forget to use the CRAAP method!) it is a fast way to help you locate better sources.

Use Advanced Google searches along with MCU databases to help you find credible resources for your research.


.EDU:  Educational websites maintained by a United States school of higher education.  Many universities have open source information on scholarly topics that include journal articles, white papers and other related content.

.GOV:  Governmental websites.  The United States government is the LARGEST publisher in the U.S!  They have dedicated researchers that write content about a variety of national and global issues, including reports that contain useful statistics. Most governmental departments have their own website, including the military, White House, social security, department of education, to name just a few.

.ORG:  Nonprofit organization websites.  There can be very useful information in the form of reports, articles and statistics on a variety of social issues that many nonprofits are dedicated to assisting with. Organizations like American Red Cross, World Wildlife Foundation, and Pew Research are some examples.   Although there are many good .org websites, there are just as many that may not be useful.  Why?  Anyone can start a nonprofit organization with very little knowledge, so you must be diligent in questioning the source, particularly if it does not sound familiar.  Remember the CRAAP method to help you find better information.

Country URL’s Many countries have their own URL’s, so you can search for information that is country specific.  Here are a few country URL codes:

.CA = Canada

.UK = United Kingdom (England)

.RU = Russia

.FR  = France

.DE = Germany

.JP = Japan



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