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How to Find Credible Information

Databases: Making research for credible resources easier

Databases are designed with student usage in mind. 

They are compiled by hand by organizations that have relationships with credible scholarly journals, magazines, newspapers, and other information outlets.  

Articles found in databases have gone through some type of review process prior to being published--making them more credible sources for information.  You'll find information ranging from scholarly content to popular culture articles in them.  Databases make college-level research easier! 

So, while Google may be good place to start, databases are a great place to refine your research.

Here are a few differences between researching with Google and Databases:

Image from Maynooth University


Marymount Library Databases

Marymount Library Subscribes to Over 50 Databases. 

They Can All Be Found on the Main Page of the Marymount Library Website.

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