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Icon Accessing eBooks requires your network log-in information. Please contact Costas Constantinou  at to obtain your log-in credentials. 

Video: Acessing Electronic Books (eBooks)

Watch this short video tutorial on how to access eBooks. You can also view a quick summary of acesssing eBooks.

Find eBooks, Articles, and Videos

Although you will not be able to use physical items within Marymount Library, you have full access to our virtual library that includes eBooks, online articles, video streaming, and more by searching the Library Catalog.

  • You can find over 160,000 eBooks to read.
  • Stream over 8,000 educational videos covering all academic disciplines.
  • There are millions of online articles to search for(view the e-Journals and Newspapers tab located above this box for more information)

Use the search box to your right to begin using the catalog.  For more instructions on how to search the catalog for eBooks, watch the short video tutorial below the search box.

Search for Ebooks

This is a  resource paid for the Library, so you will need to login off-campus with your Marymount username and password.




Accessing eBooks through the vendor platform

To access eBooks through the vendor platform click on the "Research Databases" link from the Library homepage:



Click on the eBrary link under the "Find Ebooks" heading:


You will be taken to the eBrary platform, here you can search or browse for eBooks:


Locate the item you would like to view and click on the title:


You can either read the eBook online or download it for reading offline:

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