Marymount California University Library

ID 230: Oceanview Campus - Library Assignment (Spring '20)

Locate and Annotate One eBook

Click on the link above to begin searching for e-books in ProQuest Ebook Central. You will be asked for a username and password (same as Mymarymount). Find 1 eBook relating to your research topic here. Select the eBook carefully. Again, the book should relate to your research question and be relevant to your Statement of Scope

1.  Select 1 eBook from the results list

  • Save an image of the catalog record for that eBook (view example) and include it with your assignment
  • Open the ebook, save the image of the first page (view example), and include it with your assignment
  • Use the "Snipping Tool" or "Screenshot Tool" on your computer to document the records mentioned in the above two bullet points.  

2.  Create a citation for the eBook book you selected and use this simplified format: 

Author's last name, Author's first name. (Year Published). Title of book. City, State: Publisher.

3.  Write a 75-100 word annotation for the eBook book

  • The annotation should summarize the main themes of the book, identify information you found interesting or unique, and include a short reflection on how you found the source helpful to learning about and understanding your topic.

Here is an example of an eBook annotated bibliography entry (view example). 

4.  Use the "Snipping Tool" or "Screenshot Tool" on your computer to capture a record of the following:  

  • eBook: record copy from MCU online library catalog (view example). 

  • First page of eBook: record copy from MCU online catalog (view example). 

MCU Library Catalog - eBook? How Can You Tell

How can you tell whether it's a print book or an eBook? It's easy: eBooks have a "view now" option. See the example below. Click anywhere on the image below to skim and access the eBook directly within your browser. 

You can also find eBooks really fast by limiting the results to that format only. View this image for the easy how-to!

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