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PSY 150: General Psychology for Dr. Wade

Limiting to only Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals

To limit your results to Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals  when using Academic Search Premier and PsycArticles just check that limiter:


To limit your results to Scholarly Journals and Peer Reviewed when using ProQuest Psychology Journals and ProQuest Research Library: Social Sciences just click on either of those links:

How to Read a Journal Article

Learn more about how to read scholarly articles

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Searching in Databases

With Marymount Library e-Resources (aka databases), you can find over 100,000 articles, many of them peer reviewed, as well as 32,000 journals, magazines, and newspapers. Check out a sampling of our databases below and start searching! You can also view our complete list of databases here.

Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journal Articles: 


Anatomy of an Article

Most scholarly articles in the social and behavorial sciences follow this structure:

  • Abstract – summary of the article
  • Introduction – why the research was conducted
  • Methodology – how the research was conducted
  • Results – the findings and outcomes of the research
  • Discussion – what the results mean
  • Conclusion – what was learned from the research
  • References – information and published research that the researchers drew on for their study

This interactive tutorial introduces the parts of a scholarly article, and how to use an abstract to quickly determine relevance.

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