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MCU 200: Academic Development Transitioning to MCU - Library Assignment

Guidelines for Completing The Library Assignment:

Write a Statement of Scope. Write a brief introductory statement to explain what your annotated bibliography is covering (one to two sentences).  The statement of scope provides some general insight that should connect to your one source.

Example of a Statement of Scope:

For my assignment I would like to examine the ethical implications of white-collar crime and how they are prosecuted within the United States justice system. I'm interested in a career in criminal justice. 

  1. The first part of the annotated bibliography entry should contain a citation written in the following documentation style (ask your instructor if they prefer a different citation style such as MLA or APA):     

Citation for a physical book or eBook:

          Citation Formula for a Book:

                Author's last name, Author's first name. Title of book. Name of publisher, year of publication. ​

          Citation Example for a Book:

                Haugen, David M. Criminal Justice. Greenhaven Press, 2009.

  1. The second part is your annotation. It should summarize the material contained in the book. You may want to include the following: 
  • What does the source address or cover? 
  • What subjects or topics are included (e.g. review the table of contents in a book)?
  • How is this source relevant to your career research topic? 
  1. The third part of your assignment will include proof or records of your book found in the MCU library catalog. Label this section A-B and include the following bold headings in a new page of your paper:  

A. Copy of the front and back cover of the physical book (Note: including the call number sticker                                    which is most of the time located on the spine of the book or front cover).

B. Physical book: record copy from the MCU online library catalog

Or if you select an e-book from our MCU catalog:

A. eBook: record copy from MCU online library catalog

B. First page of eBook: record copy from MCU online catalog 

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