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ID 230 Online: Oceanview Campus - Library Assignment (Fall '21

Select one article from Academic Search Premier database

Click on the blue Academic Search Premier hyperlink below, you will be taken to the Academic Search Premier homepage where you will see a search engine. Enter a key word or phrase related to your topic to begin searching for articles. Select 1 article on your topic from this database. The article should be from an Academic Journal, Magazine, or Newspaper

1.   Read the article you select.   

2.  Create a citation for your 1st article. Use this simplified format:

  •  Author last name, Author first name. Name of article. Name of source, year of publication. 

3.  Write a 75-100 word annotation for this source:

  • Each annotation should summarize the main themes of the article, identify information you found interesting or unique, and include a short reflection on how you found the source helpful.

Here is an example of an annotated bibliography article entry (view example).

4.  Use the "Snipping Tool" or "Screenshot Tool" on your computer to capture a record of the following: 

  • Article #1: record copy of first page from Academic Search Premier (view example). 

Access to Academic Search Premier

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