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BUS 512: Business Writing and Communications for Dr. P. Chambers- Trend Analysis Proposal

Limiting to only Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals

To limit your results to Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals  when using Academic Search Premier and PsycArticles just check that limiter:


To limit your results to Scholarly Journals and Peer Reviewed when using ProQuest Psychology Journals and ProQuest Research Library: Social Sciences just click on either of those links:

How to Read a Journal Article

Learn more about how to read scholarly articles

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Searching in Databases

With Marymount Library e-Resources (aka databases), you can find over 100,000 articles, many of them peer reviewed, as well as 32,000 journals, magazines, and newspapers. Check out a sampling of our databases below and start searching! You can also view our complete list of databases here.

Recommended 5 MCU Library Databases for this assignment: 

Anatomy of an Article

Most scholarly articles in the social and behavorial sciences follow this structure:

  • Abstract – summary of the article
  • Introduction – why the research was conducted
  • Methodology – how the research was conducted
  • Results – the findings and outcomes of the research
  • Discussion – what the results mean
  • Conclusion – what was learned from the research
  • References – information and published research that the researchers drew on for their study

This interactive tutorial introduces the parts of a scholarly article, and how to use an abstract to quickly determine relevance.

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