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Marymount Yearbooks 1950-1993


About the Digitization Project

About the Archives:

Digital editions of the Marymount yearbooks are available from the first edition in 1950 through 1993. 

The digital yearbooks are hosted by LibGuides. The list appears in chronological order, beginning with the oldest volume. Each yearbook can be viewed through ISSUU, a platform that allows PDFs to be converted into a booklet format. There is also the option to download and share a link of a yearbook.


About the Digitization Project:
This project took place in 2019 and was made possible through the collaboration of Marymount California University's library assistants: Priscilla Hernandez, Nakai Roberts, Jesus Espinoza, Elise Padilla, Tim Schemmer, and Alejandro Flores. Extra copies of original yearbooks were meticulously unbound and scanned in full color from cover-to-cover. They were then made available digitally through ISSUU and archived in LibGuides. 


About the Yearbook:
The yearbook was first published in 1950 and ended in 1993. Each yearbook displays the history and growth of Marymount throughout the years.

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